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Our technicians are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
We follow industry-approved guidelines and maintain
health & safety protocols at all times.
Our technicians are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. We follow industry-approved guidelines and maintain health & safety protocols at all times.
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Decontamination of a property from biohazardous substances, methamphetamine, mould, sewage or sharps, requires specialised professional services. Bio-Cleanse Pty Ltd ensures that your home or office is promptly and comprehensively remediated to safe levels, free of hazardous substances. Our services include Forensic Cleanup, Unattended Death Cleanup, Suicide Cleanup, Hoarding Cleanup, Sharps Cleanup and Sewage Cleanup. We also undertake Meth Decontamination, Mould Cleaning as well as Fire Damage Restoration for commercial and residential properties. Bio-Cleanse has a trained, certified and skilled team, to cater to all your biohazard cleaning needs and operates in Goulburn, Bowral, Mittagong as well as Moss Vale and Canberra.

Methamphetamine - What You Should Know

Methamphetamine is a highly addictive and powerful stimulant that affects the central nervous system. It is chemically similar to amphetamine, although its effect on the central nervous system is more pronounced. Meth is an illegal psychostimulant drug having euphoric effects like that of cocaine. It is also known by its other common names – ice, crystal, blue, meth, and speed.

Australia has one of the highest use of methamphetamine in the world, with the numbers continuously growing dramatically each year. Meth is easy to make in areas that are converted into clandestine meth laboratories with commonly available ingredients. This is why it is necessary to have your premises screened and tested for meth contamination. If you own a property that is leased out or are in the process of purchasing a new home for your own accommodation, contact the professionals at Bio-Cleanse for the best meth testing and meth decontamination services.

Health Hazards of Meth Use

Meth is a drug that gives a ‘high’ to the user. The user often takes repeated doses as a meth high starts as well as fades quickly. This can occur in an erratic or binging pattern. People can take methamphetamine by either swallowing pills, smoking, injecting or by snorting it. It is cheaper than cocaine and its effects last longer.

Meth is known to cause a general sense of well-being, increases activity and decreases appetite. The effects of meth usually last from four to eight hours or longer depending on the dosage taken. Methamphetamine is not instantly addictive for most people who use it, but it does happen over time, repeated use and abuse.

Meth use can result in short term health effects similar to those of other stimulants like amphetamines or cocaine. These include increased body temperature and blood pressure, increased wakefulness and physical activity, faster breathing, and irregular and/or rapid heartbeat. Persons using meth end up giving up sleep and food, yet continue taking the drug every few hours for up to several days.

The consequences of long-term meth use include addiction, extreme weight loss, and sleeping problems. Some of the behavioural effects are anxiety, confusion and violence. Due to the changes in brain structure and function, meth users also experience paranoia, hallucinations and memory loss. Physical effects include severe dental problems and intense itching, leading to skin sores from scratching.

Meth users are at an increased risk of contracting infectious diseases such as HIV and hepatitis B and C. These are diseases that are easily transmitted through contact with blood or other bodily fluids that can remain on shared drug equipment. When the person uses too much of a drug and has a toxic reaction, it results in serious, harmful symptoms. Meth overdose can even be fatal.

For anyone affected by something as serious as drug addiction, getting professional help is necessary. Find out about treatment resources that are available to provide support and information, and reach out to them for their services.

What a Meth Lab Cleanup and Decontamination Involves

Property or home owners should regularly have the place screened and remediated before any tenancy or occupation. Immediate action needs to be taken when a property has been declared a meth lab by a local authority. Contacting a professional hazardous material cleanup contractor like Bio-Cleanse is the best way to ensure the job gets done properly.

Meth lab remediation specialists at Bio-Cleanse follow quantitative and process-based testing and cleanup standards associated with its production, regardless of the cooking method used. A cleanup of the affected and surrounding areas needs to take place no matter what level of meth is detected.

In all affected areas of the property, any residual contamination arising from illicit drug manufacture will be identified. Meth residue is usually found absorbed by floorings, walls, drains, ducting and any furnishings or fixtures in the vicinity of the meth lab and in the form of solids, liquids or vapours. Air testing and soil sampling of interiors and exteriors will be done to determine meth concentration levels.

Bio-Cleanse meth remediation team invariably employ personal protective equipment (PPE) in the interest of protecting human health and the environment. Using the right equipment during the sampling and testing process also ensures no cross contamination or transfer of meth residue occurs.

Disposal of waste produced from the drug manufacture process is also usually a major concern for any property owner. All material and items affected or considered as hazardous waste need to be removed. At Bio-Cleanse, we can handle this responsibly as per community and health authorities’ guidelines.

Why Hire Bio-Cleanse for Meth Decontamination

As a property owner responsible for ensuring that the property is safe for habitation, you can contact Bio-Cleanse for any meth contamination screening and decontamination services. We aim to ensure any adverse impacts of illicit drug manufacturing operations are minimised through appropriate testing and assessment, remediation management and reporting practices. The team at Bio-Cleanse work together with the client and local authorities to remediate any level of meth affected property, thus restoring the property back to its former state as well as safeguarding the community health and the natural and built environments. For effective Meth Decontamination services, email us at or call 0409 037 634. We operate 24×7 in Bowral, Mittagong, Moss Vale, Goulburn and Canberra.

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