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Our technicians are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
We follow industry-approved guidelines and maintain
health & safety protocols at all times.
Our technicians are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. We follow industry-approved guidelines and maintain health & safety protocols at all times.
Sewage cleanup

sewage cleanup

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Decontamination of a property from biohazardous substances, methamphetamine, mould, sewage or sharps, requires specialised professional services. Bio-Cleanse Pty Ltd ensures that your home or office is promptly and comprehensively remediated to safe levels, free of hazardous substances. Our services include Forensic Cleanup, Unattended Death Cleanup, Suicide Cleanup, Hoarding Cleanup, Sharps Cleanup and Sewage Cleanup. We also undertake Meth Decontamination, Mould Cleaning as well as Fire Damage Restoration for commercial and residential properties. Bio-Cleanse has a trained, certified and skilled team, to cater to all your biohazard cleaning needs and operates in Goulburn, Bowral, Mittagong as well as Moss Vale and Canberra.

Sewage Overflow and Cleanup - Causes of This Unpleasant Situation

Sewers take surface water that runs off roads, footpaths and sewage from residential and commercial properties to a sewage treatment plant. Sewer system are designed to cope with everyday volumes but sometimes exceptional weather can cause it to flood. When the sewerage system is overrun with sewage, waste or water, it can lead to sewage to overflow through drains, pipes or toilets. Heavy rainfall is one of the most common reasons for sewage flooding. Although sewage leaks can also occur if a blockage is caused by misuse of sewers, root growth or sanitary items being flushed down the toilet, a sewer collapse or pumping station failure. Surcharge from private drains and sewers and insufficient land drainage also contribute to sewage overflow. Sewage spill pose as a severe health risk apart from causing a foul smell.

Sewage Spill - a Hotspot for Diseases

Sewage is a major carrier of harmful pathogens and diseases. Sewage contains human and animal waste like excreta, urine, saliva, blood and crud which are loaded with bacteria and germs that can cause serious illnesses such as Gastritis, Dysentery, Hepatitis and Gastroenteritis, to name a few. It provides the optimal environment for any microbes to proliferate and flourish. Raw sewage cleanups need to be attended to immediately to avoid serious, long-term consequences. Some of the most wide-spread and disastrous epidemics have been a direct result of mismanaged sewage systems and waste management. Since all waste water is bio-hazardous, it contaminates any surface or person coming in contact with it.

Professional Cleaning Service Necessary for Sewage Cleanups

A septic tank overflow or a sewage spill is a distressing and disgusting occurrence. Extreme precaution is needed for cleaning sewage spills and is a task for professionals, who have experience in dealing with biohazardous substances. Sewage water and waste disposal must follow industry recommendations in bio cleaning protocol. It needs to be treated chemically, to break down the substances and safely clear the environment of contamination. Apart from this, there is a chance of considerable damage to your property and belongings if cleaning of a sewage leak is delayed.

Thorough and Prompt Service by Bio-Cleanse for Sewage Cleanup

Bio-Cleanse employs a team of highly trained and experienced sewage cleaning professionals. Our team helps minimise the damage and loss to your property along with that of adjacent soil or ground water contamination. Bio-Cleanse offers sewage decontamination services of three categories:
  • Category 1 – Clean Water Clean water leaking could be a result of a broken water line or pipe burst. It is essential for it to be remediated on time, to prevent it from becoming hazardous, and turning this water into category 2 or 3.
  • Category 2 – Grey Water This water is contaminated and can cause sickness and diseases. It is usually occurs due to an overflow from utilities like a toilet, washing machine or dishwasher. If not treated within 48 hours, it may turn into category 3.
  • Category 3 – Black Water This is highly contaminated and contagious water, containing various pathogens. It poses a severe risk to health. Direct contact with such water should be avoided at all cost, as it may prove to be fatal. A situation like this could arise from flooding rivers, failure of sewer backup, toilet backflow and standing water.
After cleaning up of sewage overflow, water extraction and elimination of harmful spills, sorting, repairing or disposal of damaged contents is done. Complete disinfection, cleaning and decontamination of the area and the affected items is also undertaken. Bio-Cleanse provides complete assistance in such emergencies, 24×7. Contact us at or 0409 037 634.

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