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Our technicians are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
We follow industry-approved guidelines and maintain
health & safety protocols at all times.
Our technicians are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. We follow industry-approved guidelines and maintain health & safety protocols at all times.
Unattended death cleanup

Unattended Death Cleanup

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Decontamination of a property from biohazardous substances, methamphetamine, mould, sewage or sharps, requires specialised professional services. Bio-Cleanse Pty Ltd ensures that your home or office is promptly and comprehensively remediated to safe levels, free of hazardous substances. Our services include Forensic Cleanup, Unattended Death Cleanup, Suicide Cleanup, Hoarding Cleanup, Sharps Cleanup and Sewage Cleanup. We also undertake Meth Decontamination, Mould Cleaning as well as Fire Damage Restoration for commercial and residential properties. Bio-Cleanse has a trained, certified and skilled team, to cater to all your biohazard cleaning needs and operates in Goulburn, Bowral, Mittagong as well as Moss Vale and Canberra.

An Unattended Death Can Be a Challenge for Anyone​

Nothing is more traumatic than to discover an unattended death of a loved one or a family member. It is the same when a crime or murder occurs in any property. The affected family or property owner has to look into all necessary arrangements with the authorities and funeral home. This is all while also coming to terms with how and when the death itself has occurred. However, as challenging as the situation is, what is also involved is an even more disturbing task of having to clean up after the unattended death or murder.

What Happens in an Unattended Death​

After any death occurs, the decomposition process begins immediately. Potentially dangerous pathogens however are not immediately released into the scene. This process generally begins between 24 and 48 hours after the person passes on. As harmful pathogens build up on the floor or other surfaces, they release noxious gases into the air. These can be inhaled through the nose and mouth. In the aftermath of a tragic incident, family members or property owners should not attempt to handle the cleaning by themselves. Most people lack the knowledge and training to undertake this task. They could expose themselves to potentially harmful biohazardous substances. These biohazards contain harmful pathogens and anyone coming in improper contact then risk contracting related diseases. If the affected areas is not thoroughly disinfected and cleaned, it can harbour potentially infectious material for many years. This can put current and future inhabitants at risk

Biohazard Remediation Is Required​​

Proper precautions need to be taken when addressing an unattended death cleaning. Anyone who hasn’t been trained to deal with biohazard remediation should remove themselves from the scene. To remove and decontaminate body fluids soaked into the floor and other surfaces, most over-the-counter solutions are not effective enough. Harmful pathogens will linger behind, even though the surfaces may look clean. This will still pose a threat to others. Proper chemicals and equipment have to be used to sanitise the area safely and effectively. Transportation and disposal of biohazardous materials from the site should also be handled in compliance with state and health authority guidelines. This is why it is important to get a certified company like Bio-Cleanse to remediate it for you. Our technicians have been certified in bloodborne pathogen training.

Why Hire Bio-Cleanse for an Unattended Death Cleaning

If you’re facing an unfortunate tragedy, remember that you won’t be left alone to handle the cleanup. Bio-Cleanse is available 24×7 on 0409 037 634 to help you in these most difficult times. For after death cleaning services, give us a call or contact us on We have a team of certified, experienced and compassionate biohazard remediation specialists. All our professionals use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) mandatory for biohazard remediation as well as follow a regimented process to remediate an unattended death, crime scene or murder scene. Trust Bio-Cleanse to thoroughly clean and sanitise your home. We work swiftly to make it safe and habitable once again.

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