How Professionals Handle an Unattended Death Cleanup

Unattended Death Cleanup

When an unattended death occurs, it can be a tough situation for anyone to deal with. An unattended death is when someone dies and the body is not discovered for days or longer periods of time. Especially for the family of the deceased, it is a difficult situation after the body is discovered. Besides having to deal with the emotional loss of their loved one, the unattended death cleanup can be equally challenging for them.

If you have come across a loved one who has passed away in an unattended death scenario, you need the immediate help of professionals to handle the cleaning process. Bio Cleanse Pty Ltd is an expert in Unattended Death Cleanup. Our teams are able and qualified to handle any level of biohazard cleaning in Goulburn, Mittagong, Moss Vale, Bowral, and Canberra.

Why a Professional Unattended Death Cleanup Service Is Necessary

Most people don’t realise that a decomposing body can take just a few hours to affect your home. This happens especially if the weather conditions are ideal.
If the decomposing body is not handled properly, the effect can spread through clothes, furniture and even appliances lying in close proximity.
It may be impossible to restore some items to their original state if immediate action is not taken and the affected area is not properly remedied.
Biological matter might emanate from the body if it is left to decompose or not handled correctly. This can turn into a serious health hazard at the home.
Airborne bacteria are produced by the corpse. These bacteria not only have an unpleasant smell, but are also a serious health threat as they spread easily through the environment.
This is one of the main reasons why you should not attempt a biohazard cleanup by yourself. You need to rely on a professional death cleanup service. They have the experience to handle the level of cleaning and remediation that is necessary.

How Unattended Death Cleanup Services Operate

An unattended death cleanup can still be tough for the specialists. However, these experts possess the right knowledge, training, and experience required to deal with such situations. Here’s the process that any reputed biohazard cleaning company follows during the cleaning process.

Assess the Damage On-Site

To decide the type and level of cleanup that needs to be performed, the cleaning specialists will first examine the scene of the unattended death. They will make a note of any factors that could affect the extent of the contamination. For example, some important factors are – the nature of how the death occurred, how much time has passed since the death, previous health conditions of the deceased, weather conditions, and the surrounding environment.
Any damage to the building structure and contamination in the home and air will be properly taken care of and remediated.

Clean Up After a Dead Body

The biohazard cleaning team will handle the difficult and complex process of an unattended death cleanup. All biological material has to be removed from the site and disposed of in a proper manner. The specialists will ensure that no pathogens that could cause health hazards will remain on site.
The cleanup process involves cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorising all surfaces. This includes hard surfaces like countertops and flooring, as well as upholstery, furnishings, and carpets.
The cleaning and remediation team can also get rid of foul odours caused by the decomposition. The biohazard cleaning company will have Odour Removal specialists to ensure that no smells remain after the cleaning is complete. They will use advanced odour removal techniques to treat the entire affected area.

Contaminated Items Will Be Removed

In some severe cases, it may be necessary to discard items that are too contaminated by biohazardous waste.
Carpeting, flooring, furniture, or any personal possessions that cannot be salvaged will be removed. The biohazard cleaning company is best equipped to handle this as they follow very specific protocols and are trained and licensed in proper disposal techniques.
The cleaning company must ensure that all contaminants are completely removed from the property. This is to protect the occupants as well as the community from any biohazard contamination.

Contact the Services of Unattended Death Cleanup Professionals

Cleaning up after a dead body is something a grieving family should not have to handle. It is always best to get in touch with experts in the industry like Bio Cleanse Pty Ltd, to handle an unattended death cleanup. Our professional technicians are trained not just to handle the body, but also the grieving family. The team of trained specialists at Bio Cleanse Pty Ltd understands the hazards, and techniques best used to ensure the area is safe and sanitised for future use. All our cleaning crew undergoes in-depth training and continuous on-the-job learning to ensure all biohazards and pathogens are removed.

Contact Bio Cleanse Pty Ltd at 0409 037 634 or email at We are ready to assist in the restoration of any property affected by such tragic circumstances. We maintain strict confidentiality and are discreet while helping you out.

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