Faq’s About Sharps and Proper Sharps Waste Disposal

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Medical items which have sharp points or cutting edges are classified as ‘Sharps’. When handled, these sharps are capable of causing injury as they can puncture or cut human skin. Hence, proper disposal of sharps, needles and syringes is essential. Here are some commonly asked FAQ’s about sharps and proper sharps waste disposal:

Who Use Sharps?

Syringes and other sharp instruments like needles are commonly used by people in various environments. Though they are mostly used in the healthcare industry, people with ongoing chronic diseases also use needles and syringes as part of their home care.

When Are Sharps Used?

Sharps are used to manage the medical conditions of people or their pets. These medical conditions include allergies, migraines. They are also used when treating diabetes, HIV/AIDS, cancer, hepatitis, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, and psoriasis. People managing arthritis, infertility and blood clotting disorders also need regular use of sharps.

Where Are Sharps Used?

Sharps can be used at home, at work, at school or while traveling. People can also use various sharps in public places such as hotels, parks, and restaurants.

What Are the Various Forms of Sharps?

Metal Sharps – metal medical instruments with cutting edges or sharp points. These include scalpel blades, single-use hypodermic needles, lancets, staples, and wires like dental wires.
Glass Sharps – instruments that are broken, cracked, or chipped. This includes any laboratory glass, test tubes, broken glass, fragile glass items, glass Pasteur or serological pipettes, slides, and coverslips pipettes.
Plastic Sharps – medical items that are made of plastic and have torn or serrated edges. These can include items like plastic syringes and plastic Pasteur or serological pipettes.

Importance of Safe Sharps Disposal After Use

If needles, syringes and other sharps are not disposed of safely, they can injure people who come in contact with them. As a result, there can be a spread of infection that causes serious health conditions.
It is essential to follow proper sharps waste disposal guidelines set by the Australian Government Department of Health. Discarding of needles and syringes after using them is done by placing them in specially designed containers. People who use sharps to administer medications can safely dispose of used needles and syringes by returning them to a needle and syringe exchange program in their community.
Sharps disposal can also be done by handing them over or causing them to be handled by persons authorised and qualified to do so. Proper disposal of used sharps, needles and syringes ensures the safety of patients, healthcare personnel, waste collectors and the environment.

Sharps Disposal and Sharps Collection Containers

As per the Community sharps management guidelines in NSW and other states of Australia, sharps should be disposed in strong, safe community sharps disposal bins or sharps collection containers.
Sharps, needles and syringes should be deposited in a puncture-resistant container with a rigid wall. The container should be sealed or securely closed. This should be done in such a manner that the used sharps are incapable of causing injury to anyone. Sharps disposal containers are made of either hard plastic or cardboard. These types of containers prevent overfilling, leaks and punctures.
These containers will always have a biohazard label, as well as signage as being only for the disposal of community sharps. This ensures they are handled properly. Communities and organisations can get community sharps disposal bins from some local governments or a number of commercial manufacturers that supply units of varying sizes and uses.

Let the Experts Handle Sharps Cleanup and Sharps Disposal

If you find used and discarded needles or syringes in the community, or if you are an organisation that requires disposal of large quantities of sharps it’s best to arrange for a sharps waste disposal company to assist with collection and disposal.
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