Recognising Meth Labs In Residential Properties

Meth Lab In Residential Properties

Any house or structure that contains a meth lab or is inhabited by regular meth users usually displays some tell-tale signs of meth production. So how can one recognise if a property you own was being used as a meth lab or became meth contaminated while it was being leased out?

Spotting a Meth Lab from the Building Exterior

Sometimes the appearance of the structure itself indicates meth production goes on inside. Here are some of the signs to look out for :

Odours – Foul and strange odours are the first indication of meth production. Unusual yet powerful odours are known to emanate during the meth making process. These odours may smell like ammonia and ether. These smells are often also compared to that of rotten eggs and cat urine. 

Non-Visibility – Persons making meth indoors always block any possibility of others being able to look into their structure. Meth makers will often barricade or cover their windows. Sometimes even just blackening them out is sufficient.

Ventilation – Once they barricade the structure, meth makers tend to use strange methods to ventilate the place. As the meth-making process produces toxic fumes, they have to resort to unusual ventilation ideas to get rid of these fumes. Windows may be opened on cold days only or at inappropriate and strange times of the day. Other unusual ventilation systems may also be set up like fans and furnace blowers.

Security – Person making meth in a structure will often have elaborate security measures in place. These can include barricades and video cameras around the property perimeter.  To avoid persons entering, ‘Keep Out’ warnings signs are also placed. Having guard dogs is also common used to keep people from approaching the premises.

Landscape – There is usually a lot of dead vegetation in properties where meth is produced. Meth users will often dump chemicals and toxic substances in the yards. This leaves burn pits in the ground. The toxic materials create dead spots in the landscape or grass. No vegetation grows there due to chemical dumping.

Trash – It’s also easy to identify meth contaminated properties by the existence of large quantities of unusual waste there. Meth makers will leave evidence of various equipment used during their meth production process. The trash can even seem unusual at times and include empty containers and plastic bottles with puncture holes used for gas, fluids or chemicals, or often with tubes coming out of the holes, items like rubber hoses, rubber gloves, duct tapes and respiratory masks, torn apart lithium batteries and cold tablets’ packaging, coloured or stained used coffee filters coated with a powdery residue.

Meth Contaminates and Affects the Property

Meth residue will be found and there will be damage caused to surfaces throughout the property. This can be whether meth has been produced there or if a meth user has smoked meth inside your property.

Usually after a methamphetamine lab is discovered by the property owner or law enforcement, all chemicals, containers and any lab-related waste have to be removed. Meth residue settles or gets left over hard surfaces, and into absorbent materials such as carpets, furniture, plumbing and ventilation systems. All these contaminated items have to be either discarded or cleaned and decontaminated.

Call in the Experts for Meth Labs Cleanup and Decontamination

Once it’s identified as a meth affected property or the presence of a meth lab is known or suspected, what should you do next? Get a meth assessment conducted by a certified decontamination specialist. Following that, it’s important to have the place decontaminated by professionals.

Bio-Cleanse offers meth contamination screening and decontamination in Goulburn, Mittagong, Moss Vale, Bowral and Canberra. Our forensic and biohazard cleaners are certified, experienced and experts in undertaking challenging jobs.

We are experts in meth decontamination. With a professional approach in all our jobs, we guarantee effective results. If you need assistance for any meth decontamination services, will be there when you need us. We can quickly get affected properties ready for reoccupation.

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