Hoarding Disorder: What It Is and How It Affects Your Life

Hoarding disorder
Have you been a victim of hoarding and let your home become a clutter? Or do you have a loved living in a hoarding mess of unnecessary items? Bio-Cleanse Pty Ltd specialises in Hoarding Cleanup. We have a successful track record in helping to reorganise and de-clutter properties.

Hoarding Is a Serious Disorder

Hoarding is a disorder where the affected person finds it extremely difficult to discard or part with their possessions. A hoarder feels a persistent need to save items indefinitely. This could be regardless of the items actual condition, use or value. Though hoarding may be present by itself, it can also occur as a symptom of some other disorder like depression, psychosis, dementia, eating disorder, genetic disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCDs).

Excessive collecting, accumulating and storing of items give the person joy and a false sense of security. However, any mention or even the thought of getting rid of an item can cause distress to the person with hoarding disorder.

Hoarding Affects People Differently

Hoarders can be diagnosed as ranging from mildly to severely affected. In mild cases, hoarding may not have much impact on the person. In severe cases, the daily functioning of the person is seriously affected.

Hoarding develops slowly over time. The first signs and symptoms are when there is gradual build-up of clutter in and around the person’s living spaces. The difficulty in discarding things adds to the clutter.

In most cases, hoarded items include household goods, clothing, paper products like newspapers and magazines. Holding on to items of sentimental value, no matter whether in a bad or non-working condition they are in add to the mess.

Collecting a large number of animals is also a form of hoarding disorder. In such cases the hoarder is usually incapable of taking care of the animals or doesn’t have sufficient space for them. Hoarding disorder and the dangerous clutter can lead to and cause serious physical and mental stress.

Treating Persons with Hoarding Disorder

Some people suffering from hoarding disorder may not accept it as a problem. This makes it challenging to get them treated or consider treatment options. Sometimes people don’t actually seek treatment for hoarding disorder. Rather, they may be just seeking help for other issues they suffer from.

Also, intensive treatment can definitely help hoarders. It involves following the right treatment approaches – medication and therapy. Therapists or other mental health professionals experienced in treating hoarding disorder are best equipped to help.

With the right treatment approaches, the person can understand and address the issues affecting them. The professional guidance helps them mainly in two ways -they can identify the reasons they have become a hoarder and they can understand how their beliefs and behaviours can be changed. Through continued treatment and putting in focussed efforts to solving the hoarding issue, they can live safer, more enjoyable lives.

Bio-Cleanse Pty Ltd Specialises in Hoarding Cleanup

When you need to have a hoarding cleanup done, trust a professional cleaning company like Bio-Cleanse Pty Ltd to get the job done right. We have a team of qualified hoarding specialists who are familiar with all aspects of cleaning up a hoarders mess.

Our team knows how important it is to work compassionately with the hoarder during the hoarding clean up situation. Privacy is also most important when dealing with a hoarders mess. Bio-Cleanse Pty Ltd is committed to protecting your privacy.

All our hoarding specialists follow a very specific hoarding cleanup process and use specialised remediation equipment. COVID-19 safety guidelines are always adhered to and wearing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) suits is a must, on all jobs.

We are here to assist you, entirely free of judgement, in any way we can – to handle hoarding situations or just massive cleanup situations. Contact us at 0409 037 634 or email at bryan@biositecleanup.com.au for hoarding cleanup services. We operate 24×7 in Bowral, Mittagong, Moss Vale, Goulburn and Canberra.

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