Benefits of Hiring Professionals for Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding Cleanup Services
Hoarding is a disorder where the person accumulates excessive items and experiences an inability to part with or discard them. Persons suffering from the hoarding condition can be overwhelmed with living in such debilitating conditions. Hiring a professional hoarding cleanup company like Bio Cleanse Pty Ltd with compassionate and reliable cleaning teams can ensure your loved one’s home returns to a healthy and safe environment.

A Hoarding Cleanup Can Be a Very Stressful Situation for Anyone

The individual suffering from hoarding collects and accumulates and keeps items over a long period of time. Being emotionally dependent on these items, they are unable to part with them. Even items that most people would consider worthless will not be discarded. Hence, when it’s time for the hoarded items to be cleaned up, the person feels overwhelmed. This could be either because of the emotional or physical stress involved. This is when professional hoarding cleaners can help – to reduce emotional stress even when handling items of sentimental value.

Cleaning Up a Hoarder’s Place Can Be a Laborious Task

A hoarding cleanup involves following an effective strategy. Cleaning up years of hoarded items is a physically tough job. It involves handling decluttering and handling piles of trash. Our experienced hoarding team will first decide which items are to be kept, donated and discarded.
Next comes sanitising the house and repairing any damage to the property. Knowing where to start, which rooms to manoeuvre between, and how to tackle them in the right manner, are also best left to Hoarding Cleanup specialists. This ensures achieving the best desired sanitary and liveable environment in the quickest possible time frame.

Conducting a Hoarding Cleanup Can Lead to Strained Relationships

Hoarders usually feel they are comfortable living amid the messy environment. When family and friends try to get involved to tidy up or organise the place, it could result in conflict with the person suffering from hoarding disorder. The hoarder could misunderstand the good intentions. Hoarding cleanups are unwelcomed as they tend to think others are invading their privacy. These situations cause intense distress for the hoarder. They could wrongly be directed their anger towards those trying to help out.

Preparing the hoarder for the cleanup is an important part of the process. It’s best to leave this task to the experts as it can be dangerous. Most professional hoarding cleanup companies work with reputed therapists to ensure the hoarder is prepared for the cleanup.

Hoarding Clean-Ups Require Specialised Cleaning Equipment, Supplies and Ppe

To effectively clear up and sanitise piles of trash requires a range of specialised equipment and supplies, which most people normally don’t have.
Professional hoarding crews will come with all the cleaning tools and supplies required to handle such tasks. They will always wear appropriate PPE to protect themselves and others at the site.

Hoarding Specialists Know the Physical Health Hazards Involved

A hoarder’s house can be a dangerous place for anyone else moving through it. As items are haphazardly scattered all over the place, there are high chances of others tripping and falling. It can be very easy to get injured or sustain sprains, fractures and wounds. Experienced hoarding cleanup teams know how to avoid any risk of potential physical injuries. They can handle unstable piles of materials, lifting heavy items, handling sharp objects and any such physically dangerous work.

Hoarding Cleanups Involve Biohazards

Anyone cleaning a hoarder’s home has to be aware of the health risks involved. This is because of exposure to dampness, dirt, debris and other bio-hazardous waste like faeces, urine and bodily fluids. In some cases, there could be live and dead animals present. These environments are ideal for harmful pathogens and micro-organisms like mould and bacteria to breed.
Don’t risk any exposure. Leave it to the hoarding cleanup specialists to safely handle these extremely dangerous conditions.

Hire Bio Cleanse Pty Ltd - a Professional Hoarding Cleanup Team

Why add unnecessary stress and difficulty to the process of getting the property back to a safe and liveable environment? Contact the reliable professionals at Bio Cleanse today for a consultation. Our team of professionals will come in and do the work for you – right from recovering valuables and then taking care of the hoarding cleanup. Bio Cleanse is a reputed and professional hoarding cleanup company operating in Bowral, Mittagong and Moss Vale along with Goulburn and Canberra. Our teams at Bio-Cleanse are certified, qualified and experienced to handle any level of biohazard cleaning decontamination and remediation of your property. Contact us at 0409 037 634 or email at for hoarding cleanup services.

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