Mould Prevention Tips for Summer.

Mould prevention in homes
Summer is always eagerly awaited as it’s the season to enjoy the outdoors. It’s a time for more activities, events and family outings. But while enjoying the outdoors during the summer, don’t forget to take care of your home. The warm months of summer are when humidity is high and mould thrives in warm, humid and increasing temperatures. Preventing indoor mould from growing is important. Bio Cleanse Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company with vast experience in the mould cleaning industry.

Mould is an unwelcome guest

Mould can grow at any time of the year. However it’s during the summer months when conditions are more favourable for mould growth that many people find it in their homes. Mould can be mostly found in bathrooms, basements and crawlspaces, household appliances like washing machines and clothes dryers, and even in some hard-to-see places.

Tips to help prevent mould growth in summer months

Mould prevention can prove a lot less cheaper and much less work than if cleaning up the mould problem at a later stage. It usually just takes a little forethought and some preventive maintenance to prevent mould.

Regular home cleaning is important to avoid mould growth

Cleaning hard surfaces in your home on a regular basis helps prevent mould growth. Mould needs moisture. Hence pay attention to, eliminate elements and clean areas that can facilitate it’s growth – like soap scum, dirt and cooking oils. For any hard surfaces infested with mould, scrubbing with a Vinegar solution (80% vinegar and 20% water) is recommended. For any porous surfaces, cleaning and treating with Antimicrobials will be necessary by a mould remediation professional.

Mould stays at bay if you control the relative humidity in your home

Mould needs moisture and water to thrive. High levels of humidity in the air during summer can be a big problem for your home. Reduce the amount of water that remains in the house. There could be water and moisture coming in from different areas – cooking, showers, and dishwashers. Moisture comes in even from outside air. Any excess moisture on the walls and ceiling should be wiped away. Using fans in kitchens and bathrooms helps to remove any moisture there. Investing in a dehumidifier may be a great option if you are living in especially humid areas. They keep the air inside your home void of too much moisture. Air purifiers also keep mould spores from floating around in your air.

Controlling indoor temperatures prevents mould

Mould grows at an ideal temperature of between 77 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Indoor temperatures tend to rise higher than normal when its summertime. It’s during these months, that more efforts have to be put in to keep the temperature lower indoors. Use your air conditioner on hot days. The low 70s is a good setting for the thermostat. This will make it difficult for mould to grow in your home. Stick to these settings even when you are away from home for an extended period of time.

Prevent mould infestation by circulating the air through your home

Mould breeds ideally in stagnant air. Even rooms that are not accessed regularly should be well ventilated. When showering, open a bathroom window a couple inches or turn on the exhaust fan Air filters in heating and air-conditioning vents should be changed regularly. Closets are spaces that are ideal for fungal growth as they often remain closed and its dark inside. Things like leather shoes, bags and damp clothing are excellent surfaces for mould to grow. Closet doors should be left open and aired out as much as possible.

Bio Cleanse can help protect your home against mould

The best prevention for mould is keeping things dry and well ventilated. However, when you suspect mould in your property it is important to contact the right people immediately. Professionals like Bio-Cleanse are trained to handle the situation. Mould growth within your home can be effectively tackled and any potential hazards associated with it can be reduced by our team of mould specialists. Protect your home against mould. Contact the mould remediation team at Bio Cleanse for mould testing, mould assessment and mould treatment. We operate 24×7across Bowral, Mittagong, Moss Vale, Goulburn and Canberra. Call us on 0409 037 634 or email at for Mould Cleaning or to know more about any of our other specialised services.

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