Tips to Prevent a Fire at Home

Tips to Prevent a Home Fire

Tips to Prevent a Home Fire

Fire damage restoration can sometimes be a long, overwhelming and expensive process depending on the extent of damage. Whether you reside in urban or rural areas, fire awareness is important for homeowners. By taking some basic precautions and following certain good habits, it is possible to prevent any fires and fire damage from occurring in and around your home. Bio Cleanse Pty Ltd has got you covered in the aftermath of a home fire. Our trained and experienced forensic cleanup teams offer effective biohazard cleanup service.

While fires can’t completely be avoided, the damage it does to your home can be minimized. So here are some practical tips to prevent home fire. By taking these necessary precautions, cultivating good habits and following fire safety guidelines, your home, you and your loved ones can be kept out of harm’s way.

Install Smoke Detection Appliances

Smoke detectors and smoke alarms going off are the first indicator of a fire. They are key to home fire safety. Ensure devices are installed in every room of the house. Have them checked and maintained at regular periods to make sure they are working.

Keep Fire Safety Items Accessible

Having a fire blanket and fire extinguisher is always good to have in your home. Place them at your kitchen entrance/exit, and any area where a fire could happen. Read the instructions and make sure you know how to use this equipment when you need it. They can be bought at hardware shops.

Regulate Power Loads

In older buildings the wiring and electrical devices tend to overheat. This could be due to their condition or due to extensive use. It is best not to overload powerboards or adaptors. This was the last suggestion from the 9 tips to prevent home fire

Heat Generating Equipment Should Be Placed Carefully

Do not keep any furniture in close proximity to open fireplaces, radiators or electric heaters. They should be kept in an area away from beds, carpets, area rugs, and curtains. Maintaining at least a metre is a good idea.

Turn Off Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen is where most household fires happen. After your cooking is done, always remember to turn off all appliances. You could even unplug and move them away from the power source if possible.

Don’t Leave Any Cooking Unattended

Do not leave grease, oil and any other flammable cooking materials unattended on the stove. Different cooking fats and oils have their own smoking point. Be sure to also keep fabrics away from fire contact areas.

Keep Track of Fire Danger Ratings Forecast

The Country Fire Authority (CFA) declares Fire Danger Period or days of Total Fire Ban. Fire Danger Period are days declared by municipalities during periods of increased fire risk.
Total Fire Ban days are those when outdoor fires are likely to spread rapidly and could be difficult to control. During these times outdoor open fires including campfires in the open air are strictly and legally prohibited. You can find out what you can and can’t do here.

Be Prepared in the Event of a Fire

An important part of home fire safety for the family is preparing and practising a home escape plan.
In an emergency, dial 000 and ask for the fire service. Remain calm and inform them of your address.
Have a pre-chosen meeting place outside the house and make sure everyone knows to meet there as quickly as possible. This was the last suggestion from the 9 tips to prevent home fire.

Bio-Cleanse Pty Ltd Is Professional and 100% Reliable

If you have experienced a home fire and feel out of control, call on the experts in the field to handle the Fire Damage Restoration. Bio-Cleanse Pty Ltd is here to assist you in your time of need.
Bio-Cleanse Pty Ltd has vast experience in the forensic cleaning industry. Our teams provide professional biohazard cleaning services paying great attention to detail. We assess the situation, provide a cost-effective estimate and a plan of remediation. The affected property will be restored back to its original safe and habitable condition. We operate 24×7 in Goulburn, Bowral, Mittagong, Moss Vale and Canberra. Email us at or call 0409 037 634.

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