What to Do After a Suicide Has Occurred

What to Do After a Suicide Has Occurred

The effects of a suicide are normally much more intense than what most people see on television. Besides the tragic loss of the person’s life itself, a suicide affects their loved ones and the property where the suicide has occurred. Blood, body fluids and other dangerous biohazards can be present at the suicide scene.

The task of removing and cleaning any traces of the suicide can be horrific to anyone. It also poses serious health risks to the person doing the suicide cleaning. It is for this reason one should avail of the services of experts in the field of suicide cleanup. Bio-Cleanse Pty Ltd is a professional biohazard remediation company that works to make the property safe and habitable again.

Things to Do as Soon as the Tragedy Is Discovered

Although it is common to feel overwhelmed when faced with an unexpected suicide and its aftermath, there are some things to keep in mind while at the scene.

  • Seek immediate help. Call for an ambulance or an emergency medical service.
  • Try to stay calm. The helpline operators will need to know exactly what you have discovered.
  • Note down anything in the surrounding that could be useful to the operators and the police. They will need to know things like what may have been used to assist the suicide, what were they doing before being found or how long was the deceased person was alone before the event.
  • The exact time and location should also be noted down.
  • It is important that you keep yourself safe. For example, in the case of a gas leak, this could be an immediate hazard. Open out the windows and move away a safe distance.
  • Once the police are involved, it is important to leave the deceased person’s body as it was found. The police and coroner will be involved to determine exactly what happened and the cause of death.
  • Call a friend of relative to help you through the aftermath of the incident. They can   provide emotional support besides assisting in any further legal formalities.

What Does a Suicide Cleanup Involve?

Any potential cross-contamination and spread of bloodborne pathogens should be a cause of concern. Sometimes a cleanup may not need to be done immediately – if there is no immediate danger to others.  However the longer biological material remains unattended, the higher the health risks. 

Extensive remediation and restoration of the area would be required if the deceased person is found some time after the actual suicide. A cleanup after a suicide mainly involves removing a number of biohazards. The area had to be cleaned of biohazards like blood and bodily fluid. Disinfection and deodorising are the next steps.

A Suicide Cleanup Should Be Handled by Professionals

For friends and family members, cleaning up after a suicide can be quite a distressing situation. It can be potentially harmful to their mental health. The safety of anyone involved is of the utmost importance. Thus, it is best to ensure that the scene is cleaned by professionals. Bio-Cleanse Pty Ltd. are specialists in biohazard cleaning with vast experience in the forensic cleaning industry.

Avoid the emotional pain and the health risks of dealing with a suicide cleanup. Please get in touch if you are in need of our specialised biohazard cleaning services. We have a trained, certified and also a skilled team to assist in cleaning the aftermath of suicide. Bio-Cleanse operates 24×7in Goulburn, Bowral, Mittagong, Moss Vale and Canberra. Email us at bryan@bio-cleanse.net.au or call 0409 037 634. Our team is professional, discreet and respectful while handling all our specialised services.

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